How can you help?

Glad you asked!

Nothing in life is free, not even when you're living #offgrid in a renovated RV!

To that end, here are a few ways that folks can support us so that we can continue to educate, diversify, and #represent in a space that can sometimes feel less inclusionary. 

We have an Etsy & Zazzle shop under the name Limón Verde Designs where you can purchase funny gift items designed by US!  We also design & sell typography printable wall art here on our page which is available for instant download.  NEW:  We've added printed apparel & accessories on this page!!

On our way here, we encountered SO many setbacks and ended up spending a good deal of the money we'd saved to build our homestead.  We had to start a GoFundMe even just to get our RV tiny house transported all the way to New Mexico from Tennessee where it broke down for the 2nd time!  So a small donation until we reach our goal would be amazing. 

Lastly, we offer spiritual oracle divination for folks who might have questions for the Universe.

All this in addition to our on-line jobs! 

We work for our bread but still appreciate your support!

--O & B


Our Limón Verde Etsy shop has invites, announcements, apparel.

Our Limón Verde Zazzle shop has apparel, pet products, housewares, buttons, bumper stickers & MORE!

All items were designed by US and are one-of-a-kind!


Did you know that we are both initiated high priests in the Ifá faith?

We've been doing divination for some years now!

Let us help you get some answers.  

Book from our Etsy Shop!


We promise to use every cent of every donation WISELY!

Examples of how donations will be spent:

- Installing a 10K gallon rain catchment system 

- Multiple trips to Lowe's for building material

- Raw feeding our fur babies 


Shop directly on our site & download a dope printable wall art or printed apparel & accessories today!

We create every design ourselves, so you'd be supporting us directly!