O & B 

Who are We?

We are the couple next door who seem to always be doing something new.  And we're really good at it!

2011- We meet in an elevator on B's 1st day of work. The convo started, "You're Dominican from the Bronx, aren't you?"

2013- We become a couple. 2 days after I move in with O, I get sick.  Really sick. And I'm still sick. #spoonie

2014- We do the "American Dream' thing and buy ourselves a mortgage while O 'gets spiritual'.

2014- We leave our corporate American salaries in the pursuit of 'happyness' and start our own businesses.  Both in the same year! Because we're crazy! Me, a barber.  B, a personal chef.

2016- We bought Ogunda 7 Mares, our 1979 GMC Class C Motorhome. Let the fun of renovation begin!

2019-now- We bought 1 acre SITE UNSEEN in NM because we want to break bad...J/K... We're going #offgrid !

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