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A beginner’s guide to buying fish

Nope, this isn't a post about how to buy fish. We're in a landlocked state, 16 hours drive from the nearest coast. I already made the mistake of trying the sushi here. Won't be doing that again. But did I get your attention?

The Laureate Education Inc building in Harbor East Baltimore, lit up at the beginning of the evening.
This is where O & B started. This is our meeting story!

Every couple has its meeting story. Some are ho-hum and some are warm and fuzzy. Our is... well, ours is ... How about you be the judge?

Love in an elevator

"Love in an elevator. Living it up while I'm going down" - Steve Tyler, Aerosmith

Yes, it went up (or down) on a Tuesday. Tuesday July 26, 2011, that its (or it could have been Wednesday July 27, I can't remember exactly). It was my (B) first day of work. He was in the elevator already, he held the door for us (me and 2 lovely ladies who also started working at Laureate Education that day). Lightening didn't strike either of us that day, though he does say it was lust at first sight. I'm sure I looked hella sexy with my wedding ring and the boot on my right foot (I'll never sight-see in NYC in flip flops EVER again!). To each his own, I guess!

That One Time when your BA Snags You a Dope Ass Husband

O: *saying various things with his very particular accent in the elevator that afternoon*
B: *staring at O's facial features while listening to him speak* "Say more things. I'm trying to figure this out"

I double majored in linguistics and secondary education at UMBC so I have learned a thing or two about accents, dialects, and regional vernacular when it comes to lexical discourse. We often complain that we are hard-pressed to find a specific application for liberal arts degrees, but not me! For me, it lead me to the most (seemingly at the time) unlikely partner for life. And boy am I glad I had that knowledge that day. Dr Ana Maria Schwartz (my trusted college advisor and overall brilliant human being) would be proud!

By the time we got down to the first floor and parted ways to go to our respective lunch hour hangouts, I'd pin pointed his accent and ethnicity. I told him straight out, "You're Dominican from the Bronx, right? I know most people think you're Puerto Rican because of how you look, but you're actually Dominican. Did I get it?" There's a certain tonality to the way Dominican and Puerto Rican Bronxites speak. It's different than the Brooklyn accent and even there, you have variances between Jewish, Italian, and Latino Brooklyn accents. So with the way he said a few things (namely, 'So how are we doin today, ladies?' because he's got swag all day that he can't wash off even with the most bougie expensive soap), I was able to hear it and sort it all out. Peep this video and pay attention to @izzyduzzit67. That's pretty much what gave O's origin story away to me! You'll also be able to see the differences between the boroughs and their accents.

O says that he was shocked by my display of what he chalked up to 'brujeria' and asked who I'd been speaking with about him to be able to nail that on the head during a 2 minute elevator ride from the 9th floor to the ground. I told him a little bit about my educational background and how figuring out accents is my favorite game that no body else volunteers to participate in but that I play all the same, lol! I have him 3 guesses about my own ethnicity, knowing he'd never guess and he gave me the same guesses that everyone else always says: Boricua or Cuban. But then he threw out 'Blasian', which is right, but still vague. He guess Black and Pinoy (Filippino). That's the closest anyone who doesn't have a military background ever came to being correct. But still, no magic spark. That would come later, like a flame that just sprouted from a rock one day. On my birthday, 18 months (and a clean separation from my then-husband) later. But that's another story for another day, kiddos!

It's a Good Story

Every time someone asks us how we met, we always answer with a wry smile, and then laugh together. And we tell the story. Because we both love this story. This story birthed us, even though we didn't know it back then, as unlikely as it was. And I can't speak for him, but my life is so much better because there's an us!

This was us in our 1st barbershop & wellness center that we used to run. And a collective 65 lbs heavier!

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