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"We finally got a piece of the pie-hi-hieeeeeee... aaahh yeeaahh!" --The Jeffersons

Let's talk about our future homestead. The very homestead of 'Hood2Homestead'! It'll be built on the plot of land we bought last year.

picture of barren high desert land with sage brush and cacti
Behold, the vast off-gridyness of our little slice of the pie! Hark is that a coyote I see? Mayhaps?

We had been thinking about going off-grid and living tiny for years, but it had been something we thought was on our 'one day' list. That is, until it wasn't. It became a real thing, something that we understood that we could (and should) really do. And so we ordered all of our steps from then on towards realizing this dream. And so we bought this land. From a woman named Char. From her website called Smile4U (yes, really!). SITE UNSEEN!

We had to do it.

"Leap off the fence of indecision. Get out of the 'want to lane' and put yourself into the 'got to lane'. --Gloria Mayfield Banks

I (B) used to be a personal chef. And while I loved my job and running the business that I created, being in the homes of wealthy and super-wealthy people gave me a glimpse into some lives (and homes) which from the outside seemed ideal but in reality were found wanting. I would talk to O about it and we agreed that there had to be more than striving for what we are told is success. This is when we decided that living tiny and as practicing minimalists would be a great idea for us! The off-grid and #naturalbuilding dreams came later, but they fit right into the ideal life that we wanted to intentionally live.

Why New Mexico?

For a few reasons, one of which (related to our spiritual practice) we will talk about to some degree in a future post, but suffice it to say that there were 3 main reasons: my health (this is a long list in itself); homestead and natural building-friendly building codes; and because our God told us to go there. For real!

Char the Explorer

Off-grid land is cheap out West!

We researched for a LONG time on the best way to NOT GET SCAMMED in our search for a nice flat little parcel of land in the wild West. We went out to visit New Mexico in January of 2017 to look around the state and went all over central New Mexico and fell absolutely in love with the energy of the place. We'd decided to purchase from Char and her website Smile4UInc.com because she gave so much detail about the property, the allowed uses, info on what we could build, what utilities were required, and a whole lot of other information that you would and wouldn't think you'd need when purchasing a piece of property site unseen.

When we called and inquired, she and her staff were just as lively over the phone as she seems in her photos and lengthly descriptions of the properties and the areas that they are in. She's clearly a no bullshit type of gal and that's what we always prefer!

Get Inspired

Stay with us as we try to figure out the whole homesteading thing. 'It'll be fun!', they said. And you know what? I think they'll be right!

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