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Murphy's Law in FULL EFFECT! PART 1

Brown woman teaching lovely brown child how to color and about life
Actual footage of God teaching me a lesson in humility & patience and me seeing the error of my silly human ways.

When we set out from Baltimore on June 12th, 3 days before our originally intended departure date of June 15th, we did so with every bit of naïveté available to any two adult humans in the history of humans. Nah, for real, because check out thought process:

* Leave June 12th at night, arrive in Roanoke to see Natural Bridge for 1 hour before getting

back on the road

* Arrive in NM to our uncleared land by June 16th

* Have land cleared and fence installed with the help of our friend Ainsley and O's 2 kids

within 3 days of arrival

* Ainsley & kids fly back to Baltimore by June 19th and then O & I live dustily ever after

(yes happily, but as we quickly learned, happily comes with MAD SAND DUST!!)

If any of you reading have ever lived on a farm or a homestead, you're already laughing very much out loud at our notion that the land would be cleared and fence installed by hand in 2 days in the summer in the high desert (or in any climate for that matter). If you, dear reader, have every moved in your life (and I'm sure almost all of you have), then you're getting a hearty good chuckle at our overly-optimistic notion of just about our whole timeline in general! And rightly so. Make plans and Olodumare (God/Universe), the Egun (ancestors), and the Orisha (deities/shards of God-consciousness) are QUICK to shut it down and make you humble for daring to 'make plans' (insert big deity-styled laughter here), especially when you haven't consulted them on WHICH day to leave. And especially when the planets are aligned in the way of the ever-and-rightfully-feared Mercury Retrograde, bwaaahhaaahhaahaaa.

The Trip to End All Road Trips

'This is a test of the Emergency Spiritual Broadcast system. If this were an actual emergency you'd likely be insane or at least harmed in some way by now.' - what I kept thinking I was going to hear each time something new went wrong.

In my whole conscious life of having a faith of some sort, I can't remember having felt this tested so acutely.

With the faith that I practice now, traditional Orunmilian Ifá, sometimes known as Yoruba (a misnomer of you ask me) or YTR Yoruba Traditional Religion, we are taught that the pinnacle of iwa pele iwa rere or 'good & gentle character' is the ability to maintain a truly centered sense of self in the midst if chaos and negativity and of course, things that may bruise your ego.

My faith wasn't tested, but my resolve and hopefulness definitely were!

That's all I'll say on this for now. Recalling all the mishaps will have to come in another post on another day.

Good night!

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